Sunday, July 08, 2007

The New Chair

I'm not supposed to be shopping for antiques right now. My focus is supposed to be on the exterior of my house.

Oh well. It's been a tough week.

Meet my new chair. It is maple, handmade and according to the antiques guy 100-150 yrs old. Clearly, it needed a good home.


Josh said...

Nice find! Sounds like this was a bit of "antique shop therapy."

aaron said...

I like that chair too. It look comfy. Is that your time-out chair?

StuccoHouse said... $24 therapy. Kind of worked though.

The chair is pretty small. something like a bedroom chair or a kids chair. One of my guest bedrooms has a black metal day bed, so I think it's going in there.

Dulcie said...

That is a very cute chair.

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