Thursday, July 19, 2007

Casement Windows

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me.

I have four banks of inward swinging casement windows. Each bank has three windows. It's hard to find window treatments for these windows. The PO had mini-blinds mounted to the wood trim above each window, so in order to open the window you needed to pull the mini blinds completely open and the wrestle the window inward past the bundle above it. Ugly. If you attach standard curtains to the window itself, then in order to really open the curtains, you need to open the window.

One day in a fabric store I ran across swing curtain rods. The rod rests in hardware that allows it to swing inward. So, you can open the window unencumbered......and you can have the curtain open or closed. A very nice solution. A couple of years ago I bought some for one bank of my living room casements.

Today as a birthday present to myself, I'm ordering more for my sunroom windows. I'm debating which final to choose.....


Dulcie said...

Happy birthday!

I like the two finials that are not the fleur de lis, which seems potentially dangerous. But maybe that is just me, the biggest klutz of all.

Ranty said...

Happy birthday to you!

I like the globes myself, but I suppose it really depends on your decor and the finish and fabric and all of that jazz... I'm sure whatever you pick will be great though. Give us a photo when you're done!

Josh @ Bungalow '23 said...

Happy Birthday! Great gift to yourself. I'm with Ranty on the globe finials.

StuccoHouse said...

Lol....I think you are right about the fleur de lis....everything is fun & games until some pokes out an eye. It's not really bungalowish anyway...

I'm glad popular opinion is for the globe....I was leaning that way. And I actually chose globes (a little bigger) on the casments in my living room.

Once they are up, they will have old style lave curtains on them. That room gets lots of sun.

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