Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two Boards Meet

I know I have been excruciatingly slow on this front door overhang missing board project. I don't blame you if you lost interest long ago. But for the sake of showing a little progress, I'm posting a photo of the board to date.

A quick recap: Last summer I pulled the aluminum trim down the from the overhang over my front door. It was quite rotted and needed a lot of work. One board was filled with carpenter ants and was so rotted it just fell to the ground. The overhang itself was fairly easy to do, but replacing the rotted board was a challenge for me. If you want the whole story with photos, use the label "overhang" below.

At any rate, we are nearing the finish line! I need to even out the bottom edge of the board on the far right coming out of the stucco (you can see a little dip). And I need to add the little piece of 1x2 trim to the face (which has been a hassle because the upper curved piece has warped out - and the trim sits half on the old piece and half on the new piece.)

Then finally I can add the copper drip edge.


aaron said...

No, we're not "board" with your front door restoration project. (pun intended). How ironic that you found carpenter ants during your carpentry. Just don't get stuck when you paint your stucco. Alright, I'll be quiet now. :)

StuccoHouse said... have been breathing fumes with all that carpentry you are doing, right?

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