Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Replenished Pile

We have had a string of days with temps in the 90s. So, of course this is the week that the city decided to replenish it's supply of free wood chips. With all of the money I've been forking out on other projects....with the weeds making a comeback in my garden...and my general dislike for watering.....I decided this was the way to go this year.

Minneapolis has a bunch of sites around the city where they offer free woodchips. Today I happened to be driving by one when I noticed the pile. They go fast. In the past I've waited a day or two and there is nothing but crumbs by the time I return. So, today I hustled myself home, got two plastic, 18 gallon bins & my shovel and rushed back to the mound.

There were already three other cars there when I got back. I made two sweaty trips for a total of four plastic bins - 72 gallons. At this point I probably have half of what I really need. I'll try to stop back tomorrow and see what is left.

It's not the prettiest, but it does the job. Next year I'll switch back to the beloved, yet oh-so-expensive, cocoa mulch.

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