Monday, June 25, 2007

Pure Dread

I was dreading today. I woke up an hour before my alarm and just laid there and listened to my clock wishing the day had already passed. When my alarm finally went off, the morning show annouced it was supposed to reach the low 90s today. Uhg.

So, I hauled myself out of bed to get an early (and hopefully shaded) start. I knew I would be filthy so I skipped the shower and threw on my oldest clothes. I needed a coffee to get myself going but couldn't show my face anywhere in town looking like I, I hopped in my car and got an iced coffee from McDonald's drive through (not half bad).

When I got back to my house I started the dreaded task. Ripping down the final stretch of aluminum. I decided to try to get as much of the end metal down before I reached the main wires.

The guy from Excel arrived at 9:30 to disconnect the juice to my house. He told me he thought I was doing the right thing ripping down the aluminum too - hates the stuff. I spent a few minutes envying his cool hydrolic basket lift truck....thinking how I could take care of the dead branches on my back yard tree if I had one of those....

I'll admit there was a tiny pause before I touched the main electric line....while I considered for a moment that tomorrows newspaper headlines could read "Trainie from Excel Accidently Disconnects Power to Wrong House and Beloved Bungalow Owner Dies a Tragic and Painful Death."

The aluminum now is (**almost) down from my entire house. Each bay between the rafters has been caulked. Of course, I stepped on the obligatory nail (I've had my tetnus shot). If I never have to do that again in my lifetime, it will be too soon. I celebrated by ordering out.

** There is a small piece of hanging aluminum on the back side of my house. I had reached my breaking point. I was weary. I could not force, nor bribe myself to move the ladder yet again and pull it down. Later, I'll do it later.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Stucco House!

You are awesome!

The Litter Box House said...

Good job girl! Your hard work keeps reminding me to get off my butt and get to work on my nasty stairs.

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks :-) Lol...I am not feeling so awesome though....spent yesterday with a weird crick in my neck from standing on the ladder, looking up and clenching my teeth. I also have bruises all up and down my arms. I'm waiting for some stranger to pull an abuse victim intervention on me.

Greg said...

Well, a round of applause for being very, very nearly done....and in 90 degree heat, no less!

Ellen said...

Congratulations on getting all that done! Your house is so happy right now.

I'm trying to convince myself that my basement work break is over - you'll just have to be my inspiration.

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