Thursday, June 21, 2007

Handed Down

My mom called me last week. She and my aunts were cleaning out my uncle's house. My uncle (and Godfather) passed away last December.

My mom was wondering if I would be interested in having a set of old table lamps that were originally my Grandma's. She described them on the phone and I immediately had an image in my mind of which lights she was talking about. I told her I wanted them.

I had no idea how I could remember what the lamps looked like, so I pulled out a few old photo albums of mini-me when I was visiting my Grandma's farm. Sure enough, I found a picture of me, my uncle and my Grandma with one of the lamps in the background.

The lamps will go into one of my guest bedrooms. Here are some photos of the lamps old & new (and a few thrown in of me at my Grandma's farm - one of the houses that got me interested in old houses - because I scanned them and they are handy.)


Greg said...

Very nice lamps and great photos.

Anonymous said...

I have some lamps almost identical to those in my guest room! Mine have a round rather than a square bottom. And no sentiment attached as I bought them at an estate sale.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

It's great when family items like that stay in the family - regardless of the monitary "worth", they make the home that much richer.

StuccoHouse said...

Greg - The one with kitty is the only photo I have of my Grandma's huge kitchen. I can still tell you what was in the drawers directly behind us in the photo. uncle's glasses didn't photo well.

Anon - We have been trying to guess how old they are. My mom is thinking the 1950's. I think they are cute.

Tiny Oak - Yea, I have dreams of me standing on Antiques Road Show with the lamps & the photo and one of their appraisers is telling me about "provenance".....and that they are worth $4 each ;-)

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