Thursday, June 28, 2007

Aluminum Free

By special request (or was that a threat?).


Greg said...

Whew! I really don't have the money for airfare right now.

StuccoHouse said...

Lol....well, it's probably for the best. You would have flown in, knocked down the aluminum.....and then Northwest Airlines would have cancelled your flight home (they are having pilot problems and cancelling all sorts of flights today).....and you would have been stuck helping me scrape paint.

Jeff said...

Nice work on the removal of what should not be there in the first place. I don't envy the paint prep, but that lurks in my not so distant future as well. Wondering if you found anything on the stucco work. I now have several new "friends" entering the home through the damaged stucco from the sinking front steps. The winged variety are not particularly pleasant for our new 5 week old baby girl, so I think it best that I get moving on the concrete and stucco work. What use are nice steps with stucco falling around the outside?
Your efforts on the house give me motivation to trudge forward with my honeydo list! Thanks!

StuccoHouse said...

Oh, the paint prep freaks me out when I think about it too much. My only way of dealing with this is that I've decided to break the painting down into smaller sections. My goal by the end of the summer is to have the front and a small section of wrap around on each side done by the end of the summer.

You have touched on a topic that has caused much wailing & wringing of hands here this past week. Winged friends. I lucked out that the stucco is fine aside from a few minor nail holes (that I plugged as I pulled down the trim). BUT - and this is a big but - the wood trim where the top of the wall meets the eaves has many gaps in it. I also have these funky little soffit vents that have fallen out over time. And our little friends have begun to find their way into my walls. Thanks to an overzelous job in weatherproofing my interior a few years ago, they remain in the walls. Majorly stressful, still.

So, I have spent many an hour on my ladder repairing & caulking the gaps in the exterior trim. There was also sections under the eaves of the dormer, etc. that were not roofed with the last round because they were covered with aluminum. My initial reaction was to call a pest company and get someone out ASAP to exclude them (holy cow are they $$). But I really want to make sure repairs are done right....and aren't just a blob of caulk & a metal patch. I bought shingles today for repairs. The new copper drip edge will remove some more gaps. I have the entire back of the house sealed now. I'm hoping each one of these repairs will help until I finally have a tight house.

It's pretty stressful. I'll admit to shedding tears over them and I can'tr bring myself to do a blog post about it until I can write in past tense. But, I'm pretty sure it will be worth it.

Dulcie said...

I'm really fascinated by all of this because, as you know, we have our trim to do as well. I saw that you are planning to break it down into smaller sections (a wise decision). Are you planning on prepping and painting the front by the end of the summer? Or just prepping?

I am so scared of ours! It needs so much work. There will be endless sanding and patching. I don't think that my husband has grasped this at all. He has some idea that it could be done really quickly, but it is not true. NOT true. Crud.

StuccoHouse said...

Dulcie - The most stressful part was just before the aluminum came down. Now I know what I'm dealing with and it's ok.

My plan is to do the prep & painting on the front section by the end of the summer. I keep flipping back and forth on what to do with the eaves. I'll probably post more on this, but I'm leaning towards just scraping, priming & painting the eaves. The next time the roof is done, most of the beadboard sections will need to be replaced anyway.

The bargeboard/fascia is getting stripped back to bare wood, treated with a borate wood preservative, primed & painted. Actually after stripping, the painting goes really fast.

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