Thursday, June 28, 2007

3 Colors

Last night I painted the wood trim around my front door. I stripped off all of the old paint last summer.

I still need to buy "porch" paint in the darker yellow to use on the threshold. I have plans for the sections on each side where the old concrete stair rail once met the building - I'll post about that in the future. And of course, I still need to find the missing moulding to put in the upper right corner above the door (unpainted for now).

I'm planning on stripping and painting the front window trim next.

One day I may do a post on choosing the paint colors, but the short version is that this is pretty much what the house was originally colored (except in the old days the gray storms were exchanged for green screens in the summer).

And finally, a photo of the last piece of aluminum on my house. Just cuz it makes me laugh hanging there.


Tarr said...

Wow. You have made some great progress. I love the yellows!

Greg said...

Ok, the front looks great, but if your next post doesn’t say that you took down that last piece of aluminum, I’ll be flying out to do it myself. I won’t come to your door, and I won’t say a thing to you. A cab will pull. I’ll get out with a long stick and knock the aluminum off. Then I’ll get back in the cab to the airport.

It bugs me that much.

StuccoHouse said...

Ok, I'm glad the color isn't hideous to others :-)

Greg - I laughed so hard at your comment that I choked on my orange juice. I'm sure my neighbor will beat you to it - he is very neat. I actually tried a long stick yesterday, but for some reason that lone piece is held in place by a damn screw. Tomorrow it will come down. I promise.

El Paso foursquare said...

Been lurking for a while, but I just had to stop in and say those are some really pretty colors. I'm really digging that color combo. My house has a tan colored brick and me & my wife have been going back and forth over what the new trim colors should be. We finally decided on some sherwin williams arts and crafts colors: olive green and a deep red. I forget the actual names.. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

StuccoHouse said...

El Paso - what a great house you have. Those colors are going to look very sharp. Totally different look to your house without the bars...good for you! It looks like we are at about the smae spot on the whole window restoration thing.

Decorina said...

Hi Stucco House. You are really doing a fabulous job on your house! I love the trim colors - they're wonderful.

I started a blog recently and just posted some pictures of the foursquare I used to own with some painted trim colors. I really like your combination, though.

Didja get that piece of trim down?

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