Friday, May 18, 2007

Wood Storm Windows Arrive

This past Wednesday I picked up the two storms I had made to replace the most hated aluminum triple track storms. They looked good and I loaded them into my car and drove home.

Once home, I decided to prime them immediately. The oil based primer went on so easily and I was thinking happy thoughts when all of a sudden I noticed a section of the board move. My heart sunk. Upon closer inspection I found that there was a section of wood that had a fault underneath it that caused a splinter of wood, maybe .5" x 3", to come loose. I finished priming the second window and then gave the hardware store a call.

I tried to explain to them what I had discovered and they asked me if maybe I had bumped it. I told them that I would bring it back in for them to take a look at. On my way back to the store, I was rehearsing for the worst.....they blaming me for wrecking the storms after I left the store....and me proclaiming my innocence.

Well, my dread was short lived. I showed them the problem and they agreed that something was wrong with the wood. They offered me $30 off and told me they would repair it with Bondo or I could fix it myself. I agreed that that was fair (I guess) and told them I'd fix it myself (I'll use the WoodEpox I have in my basement). So, I have new storms that have already been repaired. I have mixed feelings about this.

Today I am painting them (two coats on one side and one on the other - a second will be added after I put the glass & putty in). They are outside drying as I type (Note the green grass down by the road - this was my seeded from scratch area. Feel free to admire).

I still need to add the glass and then the hanging hardware. The glass could take some time because I need to pull it out of the old, salvaged sash first.

I'm anxious to get them in the windows.


Mike said...


You want to get the kind of folding sawhorses that have a shelf at the bottom, then you could set the bucket of paint right there and reach right through the storm frame to get it!

aaron said...

I agree, I picked up a pair of sawhorses w/shelfs for 25 bucks at menards (my home away from home)
(also my bank, I seem to cash and spend all my checks there)

Anyway, on another note, you have to check out Greg's latest post, Stucco - very special. :)

StuccoHouse said...

I didn't even know those existed. I'll have to keep an eye of for them on sale. I've done so many sashes by now I have the "hold small paint jar in one hand & paint with the other" system down to a science. Although there have been a few near misses.

Mike said...


Here is an example:

StuccoHouse said...

Mike - Very cool. Even more than the paint shelf.....I'm liking those adjustable legs. How handy would that be!

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