Thursday, May 31, 2007

Window Box Rehab

I've been kind of jumping back and forth between small projects on the front of my house. While the paint dries on one, I'll work on the next. You know how it goes.

While trying to choose which paint color to use on my storm door, I decided to keep myself busy by continuing my rehab of my window box.

There were remnants of a metal trim along the top of the box. I'm not sure if just the wood trim was originally covered in metal or if the entire interior was lined in metal. At any rate, the metal was in bad shape.

So, I pulled up what was left of the metal and stripped off the remaining paint. Then I treated the wood with a borate preservative.

When that was dry, I used LiquidWood to consolidate the wood. I'm sure this is total overkill, but this trim sees a lot of water. And as anyone that has stripped layers of paint off can attest, once this thing is repainted I never, ever want to have to deal with that wood again. Ever. Never.

There were pieces of metal tube that served as a drain at one time. I wandered up and down the aisles at Menards looking for something I could use as a replacement. In the outdoor sprinkler section, I finally ran across some short pvc tubes that fit into the old drains.

The flowers are ready to go, so all I need to do now is decide on the trim paint color.


The Litter Box House said...

It's all lookin' good girl - the front door, the storms, now the flower box. Next thing you know you will be the prettiest house on the block!

Dulcie said...

I love flower boxes! I can see where we're supposed to have one under one of our front windows, but they installed a water meter right where the box should be flat against the house. Sad.

StuccoHouse said...

Litter - Thanks! It's gonna be a LONG time before I'm the prettiest house on the block.

Dulcie - Me too. I have a fun time each season picking out what I'm going to put in there.

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