Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Visitor

Lots of things going on around here today, but one really strange one.

I was laying on my couch reading a magazine & watching tv. I heard some noise at my front door (4 feet behind my head on the end of the couch). I figured it was the wind blowing through the storm door. I had been working on stripping the paint off the window insert and had removed the upper portion of the storm was open. I didn't bother to look up from my magazine.

All of a sudden I caught movement down by my feet. Large movement. I froze for a second while I tried to figure out what could make that large of a shadow.

At that moment a big orange cat stepped out of the shadows and looked at me.

Keep in mind that the storm insert on my new storm door is fairly high (just short of 3'). This cat had to leap through that open area, sneak behind the couch, slink along the wall.....and then appear at the foot of my couch.

He took one look at me and ran out the same way he got in.

Very odd.


aaron said...

The cat was probably thinking:
Orange you going to finish that storm door?

Josh said...

@stuccohouse: This cat sounds like one of those rare tabby/cheshire crosses. I was just waiting for you to say he grinned at you in mid-leap out the door.

@aaron: *groan!*

StuccoHouse said...

aaron'm sure that cat and most of the neighborhood is thinking that :-)

Josh - It was a really pretty cat...and I'm not a big fan of them (although for some odd reason they love me). I've seen it in my backyard recently. I don't think it has a tag on it, which is a little sad. I may have to put a treat out for it.

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