Monday, May 28, 2007



Ranty said...

Wow, gorgeous photos!

BTW, I have a whole backup row of cilantro planted, (to supplement my whiskey barrel of it) and I'm sure I won't need it all. If you want a couple plants I'd be happy to share.

aaron said...

Wow. Wish my yard looked like that. Leaves have started growing on trees, and the hostas have finally popped up, to give you an idea of how far behind you we are by the big lake in Duluth. Are you going to make "stuccohouse salsa" with your cilantro?

neon mamacita said...

Ahhh. Spring. I am envious of those with green thumbs. Stucco, quick question for you. Would you mind passing along the name of the carpenter that helped you with your storm door? I'm looking for someone with mad skills. E-mail me at neon.mamacita AT


StuccoHouse said...

This is the best time of the year in my back yard. I love flowers!

Ranty - Thanks so much for the generous offer! I think I should be ok with the plant I have and what has regrown from last year. But you know how you can get panicky when there is a shortage?!

Aaron - I'ts really amazing how much of a difference a few miles (and a big lake) can make. I've spent many a summer on the North Shore ;-) Second only to a blt with lettuce & tomato from your own fresh salsa.

Neon - What you see photod there are plants that can not be killed. Can't be done. They make you look good in spite of any black thumb. I'm happy to share the name of the handyman I used - will email you his info.....and anyone else interested.

Ellen said...

They look great. Bleeding hearts and peonies are on my list of Must Have Plants for the backyard.

I'm feeling somewhat like a drug kingpin, with my virtually untouched packet of cilantro seeds. Who knew I could rule the market at my whim?

StuccoHouse said...

Ellen - it's as good as gold. I'll admit the year I had tomatoes when they couldn't be found anywhere, there was a little extra spring in my step.

Chris said...

Beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb. I can't even grow weeds in my yard.

StuccoHouse said...

Thanks! These honesty are plants that you just can't kill. In fact, I've been trying actively to kill off the white unidentified flow in the bottom photo for the past 3 years. I thought I had it beat last year, but it came back full force this year. So, I decided to let it's among my peony plants.

The orange columbine I got this year from my mom. It was originally from my garndmother's garden. I was happy to see that it likes it's new home & flowered immediately.

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