Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This past weekend I painted my salvaged, wood storm door. I'm still not 100% sure of the colors, but after going through about 10 different yellow, gold & cream paint samples....this is as close as I've come to a decision. I'm usually one of those people that knows what color they want, goes to the paint store and buys it and then paints. End of story. It hasn't been so easy this time.

The colors I choose for the door will also be the color I choose to paint the rest of the trim on the house (once all of the aluminum is down and I get a chance to strip off the layers of old paint). I chose colors that are very close to the original colors I found when stripping off the old paint.

There are two shades. I have been thinking the darker color for the door & the inset side panels......and the lighter color for the door surround (now primed white). Then I would go on to use the lighter color on the rest of the house trim. But then I get to thinking that maybe I'll use the darker color for the rest of the house trim.....

I discovered that I have to be a little careful in how much color I use. This is a bungalow, not a Victorian I have to keep reminding myself. I tried to get a little funky with the side inset panels and paint some of the moulding two tone, but in the end I think I like one color better.


aaron said...

The Twins are spanking the White Sox as I type 5-1, Castillo just hit a single. Anyway, What's the name of that blue? I love that steel blue color. (My baby boy is helping me type, so please disregard any typos or sticky fingerprints.) Greg P. gave me some great pointers re: house paint, and I like SW ... were the colocrs you found on the back of the paint chips as you scraped? My house has flaking paint everywhere, but when I look at the layers, it's all the same beige color, and it just doesn't seem like my house would all be the same color originally. But you never know. Anyway, I love that blue. That blue just might end up on a house in Duluth. :)

merideth said...

oh my gosh so very adorable!!

Josh said...

The two-tone storm door looks sharp and subtle. I think I'd favor the darker yellow on the house trim, too.

StuccoHouse said...

Go Twins! The blue-gray is the original color of all of the old wood storms. It's really popular down here...my old house had it too. I hauled a window down to the paint store & they replicated it. I can email you forumula info. on the can, if you would like.

In the war between SW & Benjamin Moore, I'm a BM fan. I used SW in my interior and didn't like it. I've even brought MS SW chips into the BM store to mix :-) Go figure.

Well, I was able to tell the original color of the front inset panels because last summer I discovered that a false panel had been put over them. When I pried off those boards, the original paint was still intact - one coat. It was a color somewhere between the two colors I used.

It's weird - I think I like the colors, but then I leave my house...and in my mind they turn really bright. Smiley Face yellow bright....and I get panicky.

Cranky Grandma said...

Love your site. I just bought a bungelow and have no idea where to begin. I love the yellow. Can I suggest painting the storms the same dark yellow? And perhaps the main wood door black? Is that what color the stair railings are?

I think the taking the yellow along the windows would really make a nice impression. I wish I had those narrow windows by my door!

Mike said...

Your door looks great! The paint colors are VERY close to my grandparent's old door that I scavenged all my parts from. The storm and screen inserts in that one were black though. I donated it to the Salvage barn already, or I'd go take a picture of it at lunch today.

In a baseball tie in: Grand-dad was never happier than his last two years when he got cable TV. He could switch between WGN and TBS to watch the Cubs and the Braves, while listening on the radio (NW Iowa) to the Twinkies. On clear weather days he could alternate between them and St. Louis.

StuccoHouse said...

Cranky - Thanks for visiting! I'll post a little bit more about my paint selection in a future post, but I'm essentially trying to mimic the original colors. The storm window gray is original, so I'm keeping it. The yellows are also very close to what I uncovered when I stripped off old paint surrounding the door.

Mike - It's good to know those are typical vintage type colors :-) I'm stilldebating about the inserts....I'm leaning towards the light yellow. Its funny how so many people have memories of their relatives tied to baseball & the radio. I remember listening to the Twin on the radio in the basement growing up. My dad used to sit the radio on the ledge in the metal basement I joist.

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