Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now That's A Storm Window

The new wood storm windows are now in place. The center storm is vintage. The gray paint is also the original color.

If you can manage to ignore the bad wood window trim, the storms look much more impressive. Imagine the trim a freshly painted mellow yellow :-) You can also imagine the window box full of blooming yellow & purple petunias, if it helps.

And just so we remember the pure crappiness we left behind....


Patricia in Jackson,MICH said...

Those look great. Did you have them made or did you make them yourself?

Sigh. All of my windows have the aluminum storms. How depressing. What's worse, my windows are the kind with a smaller pane on top so not only do I have aluminum storms but the panes don't line up giving me two horizontal lines in the middle.

Dulcie said...

Yay! A vast improvement. We have many of our (I think) original wood storm windows. They are old and wooden anyway! We have some ugly aluminum in less prominent windows, too.

Will you be painting over the steel blue with the yellow? I like the blue color, but the yellow is very sunny and lovely. (And not at all too bright!)

StuccoHouse said...

Patricia - I had a local hardware store make them. There is no way it would get done anytime soon if it was on my list. Although, truth be known I think they would be fairly easy to do.

Dulcie - You are lucky to have the originals. I have 9 original storms. All of the little piano windows. The rest were that lovely aluminum. I'm going to keep the storms the original gray color. I'm actually trying to go with as close the orignal I can get (more on this in a future post).

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