Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Football & Flowers

When I first bought my house, a friend of mine & I were sitting on my front doorstep. He made the comment "The previous owner must have been a football fan." I sat in silence while I tried to figure out how he came to that conclusion. I finally had to ask. He looked at me like it was the most obvious thing in the world. The tulips she had planted in the front garden were purple & gold. Clearly, Minnesota Vikings colors.

I realized there was a whole level of order to the universe that I was missing out on. In fear of tipping the balance of that unseen order, I continue to plant purple & gold plants in that garden even though I'm no football fan. Besides, it makes me laugh.

My mom & I hit the Friends Annual Plant sale last Friday. We arrived at 11:30 am and there were already several hundred (yes, hundred) people in line waiting to get in. So, we went and had lunch and then returned to a much more manageable crowd.

I bought: some purple & gold "football" petunias for my front yard; some moss roses for along side my front steps; a John Davis climbing rose & Jackman clematis to grow together on the fence in my back yard garden; and a bunch of heirloom tomatos, herbs and strawberries for my vegetable garden.


Ellen said...

My mother-in-law and I were there at about the same time as you on Friday. I apologize if I hit you with my little red wagon.

It was really interesting to go back on Sunday. The line to pay snaked through the entire building.

StuccoHouse said...

Ellen - I have this irrational fear of carts hitting my ankles during that sale....but your's didn't :-) I usually go about mid afternoon on the first day - especially those years when I was looking for pink bleeding hearts which always sold out.

I've always been tempted to go back for the half price day, but I'm not a big fan of crowds. Did you get any really good deals?

Ellen said...

I probably won't go back on Sunday again - I picked up a couple of things that I wouldn't have purchased at full price, but nothing that I was really excited about. I'm not that big on crowds, either, and wasn't really expecting Sunday to be quite so crazy.

Ranty said...

I went with my mom too, on Sunday! (Whoa, was it crowded...)

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