Friday, May 25, 2007

Drip, Drip, Drip

This morning I talked to the metal fabricator that is going to create a copper drip edge for my arched, front door overhang. He had come out earlier this week when I wasn't home and made a pattern of the curve.

He quoted me a price of $840 to create and install the edge. This includes cutting out the exisiting membrane roofing, installing the edge and then repairing the membrane roof. The price was higher than my $600 wishful thinking price (pulled out of thin air), but less than my $1,200 "I'll have to find a new alternative" price (also pulled out of thin air). So, the project is a "go."

While Steve the fabricator works on the edge, my job is to replace the missing board. The one that fell to the ground in a pile of rot last summer when I pulled down the overhang aluminum. This has proven to be fairly complicated for my non-carpenter self. I'll give more info on this in a future post. But, the missing board is currently primed and drying in my basement.

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