Monday, May 07, 2007

Disaster Recovery & Spring Cleaning

I have recovered from my minor meltdown yesterday. I was an English major and can tend toward the dramatic (and bad spoofs of literary reference) when something like this happens. It's just that I lost most of my backyard lilac bushes in a similar "incident" a few years back.

My front yard is now sporting a series of wooden stakes tied together by bright yellow tape. It looks like a crime scene. I was able to lift each and every little trampled blade of new grass out of the mud and prop it back up. It looks like we (meaning my grass & I) will bounce back.

So, today I thought I had better just stay inside. I started my annual ritual of washing down my walls. Every Spring (well, most) I wash down my walls in a weak solution of hot water & Dreft soap. I'm about halfway through the house.


Mike said...

I can feel for you, Stucco, right about this time one year at the old place an idjit neighbor mowed down my hollyhocks, of course, as biennials, it was year two when they would have bloomed...

Trivia question: do you know why we do our ritual cleaning in the spring?

StuccoHouse said...

Mike - I actually had to laugh at the horror of that.....that is bad.

My neighbor is nice and there are some mitigating circumstances.... it was just such a shock after putting so much work into that grass.

The only thing I can think of as far as Spring cleaning is that in the old days it would have been pretty cold draggin cleaning water in from the pump in the middle of winter. What is the real reason?

Chris said...

I've always thought that we clean in the spring to rid the house of all the dust and soot that built up over the winter.

aaron said...

You only wash your walls once a year? Lucky. We wash our walls like at least once a day. Yesterday it was little suntan lotion fingerprints. Today it's little chocolate fingerprints. Well, hopefully it was chocolate and not something else.

Mike said...

Chris is the closest! After a winter of having the storms closed and when people heated with wood or especially coal the walls were pretty grimy. Hence spring cleaning when you can get the windows open and wash the soot off. Nowadays it would SEEM to make more sense to do big cleaning in October/November right AFTER we've closed everything else.

Aaron- just like my overalls, I wash the walls once a year, whether they need it or not!

StuccoHouse said...

Mike/Chris - Makes sense. It amazes me how dirty the water is after I wash them even now....throw a little coal soot on there and I'm sure it was a mess.

Aaron - Lol...I hope it's chocolate too. My Spring cleaning is ceiling to floor.

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