Friday, May 11, 2007

Creating a Drip Edge

The metal fabricator stopped by my house yesterday to take a look at my front door roof overhang and see if he could create a curved drip edge for me to replace the current awful, snipped aluminum stock piece I have up there now.

We discussed a copper drip edge that would form itself to the curve of the front door overhang and fit under the membrane roof. The top of the curve would have a short diverter that would steer water to either side, so I wouldn't have the waterfall over my door that now happens whenever it rains. The copper would patina to a dark brown and then in a few years to a very cool green.

Things sound hopeful. Steve, the metal guy, told me he'd give me a call next week with the numbers. I expect this one to be pricey. but it's really the only reasonably good looking & functional option.


Greg said...

it's really the only reasonably good looking & functional option

And it will last a long, long time. It sounds like the right way to go.

StuccoHouse said...

Let's hope. I keep telling myself on some of this really time consuming stuff (or expensive stuff)....that I will only need to do it once during my lifetime.

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