Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Cilantro Quest

This morning I went down to the newly opened-for-the-season farmers' market. I was hoping to buy a couple of pounds of asparagus. I had it in my mind that canning some pickled asparagus would be a good project for me today. Alas, there was no produce for sale yet. I did manage to find a cilantro plant for sale though and bought it.

I planted my vegetable gardens (I have two) a couple of weeks ago. I've been freezing some rhubarb, munching on an ocassional asparagus spear, and just noticed that my lettuce is starting to appear. I also have half a dozen tomatoes, two tomatillo plants, strawberries, string beans and a bunch of herbs. The one thing that I am missing is cilantro.

Every year there seems to be one garden item that is in scarce supply. A few years ago, if you had not bought your tomato plants by Mother's day you were out of luck. This year it's cilantro. I've been to every home store, grocery store, and nursery in the neighborhood that sells seeds (or plants for that matter) and they are all sold out. I only found the plant at the farmers' market today because it was mistakenly located with the parsley. And even then I had another customer hovering over my shoulder mentally wishing me to put it down for a moment so she could snatch it up.

The Cub grocery store near me sells freshly cut cilantro most of the year, so it's not like I really need to grow my own, but for some reason when you can't grow your own....then that's all you want to do. I may check out a few places tomorrow when I go out to pick up a few more flowers for my front yard.


Josh said...

You're making me feel guilty about my good fortune... I found a few cilantro volunteers in my garden, though the last time I grew cilantro was 2 years ago. I hope you track some down, Stucco.

StuccoHouse said...

You are lucky! I did get a few volunteers this year from last year. In hindsight, my error was collecting the coriander seeds for drying at the end of the season ;-)

Mike said...

I haven't looked for cilantro yet, the problem at my old place was that the cilantro would be finished before the tomatoes were ripe!

We started eating lettuce this past weekend. We also planted more things this weekend. Out new garden is split into the jugalone/ no jugalone sections.

StuccoHouse said...

Mike - I'm a garden newbie - what does "jugalone" mean?

Mike said...

Sorry, jugalone is the chemical in walnut trees that makes many other things within the area of their canopy die. Tomatoes are especially susceptible. Which really limits us because there are very few places that get sunlight that aren't near a walnut tree!

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