Sunday, May 20, 2007

Are You Paying Attention?

I have a bit of a mysetery for you to solve. Here are the facts:

1) The adrenaline of seeing the front of my house without the aluminum trim has now worn off, and this morning I was standing in my front yard having a "what have I done?!" moment and looking up at this sight.

2) Yesterday I received a flyer in the mail advertising this bungalow for sale.

3) An alarm suddenly went off in my head.

Can you see what clue I discovered about how my house might have originally looked?


Kate H. said...

Yes, absolutely! Appears your ridge beam, if not actually extended out beyond your bargeboards, was originally "expressed" by an extension that was removed when the aluminum was put on.

I'm hoping/assuming you have some earlier photos of your house with the aluminum trim on. I toy with the idea of getting rid of mine . . .

(Yeah, right-- once I deal with all the half-stripped woodwork inside!)

Greg said...

Yes, it looks like a little finial was there. it's funny because I see this type of trim on Victorian homes around here a lot, but of course, they are huge ornate pieces of mill work that extend much further above and below the roof line.

aaron said...

I get my blogs mixed up sometimes, but didn't you get some photos from someone once with your house in the background from the 40's or so?

I'm sure you have more reuse/architectural antique places in the "big city" - maybe you could find some for sale?

Fun to dig up history.

StuccoHouse said...

You got it! I do have some old photos of my house from the 1930's but unfortunately the pics were taken from across the street and don't show the peaks of the eaves. Damn.

The same little strip of unpainted wood is on the peak of the dormer eave.

For my plain little bungalow, this was big excitement.

Beth said...

I've been lurking for awhile now but I have to tell you I am so impressed you are removing the aluminum! Good job. Your house is going to look phenomenal. We are in the middle of stripping the exterior of our St. Paul four-square and wish I had the time or energy to blog about it. Those of you that can, amaze me. Thanks for inspiring me today!

StuccoHouse said...

Beth - Thanks for the kind words...and reading! Now see, I'd think that stripping the paint of an entire foursquare is much more daunting and impressive :-)

Blogging = free therapy.

Anonymous said...

you can look at my finial which is very much like the one in your picture that showed you what you were missing. 2848 42nd Ave. S
however, there are plenty to see around the neighborhood.

what bugs me about mine is whoever painted them (there are 2 on the front of the house) did not paint them the same way - one has contrasting color in one spot and not in another. now, i should have fixed that!!!!!

did you find the photo of your house at the hennepin museum (i think that is what it is) near MIA? they have real estate archives of photo organized by address. if you house was sold early in its life, a picture could be there. there wasn't one of mine but i found a couple of my neighbors.

i found your blog b/c my dad sent it to me for your comments about the gravity heater. potential buyers don't like my gravity heater but i LOVE IT. they want me to pay to get rid of it! That's nearly like telling me to put my dog to sleep!

StuccoHouse said...

Anon - Well, I certainly hope that your dad didn't send you to my blog to try to convinve you to take out your gravity furnce. I have an old post about how much I like mine, named "Grendil". I bought my house fully knowing it had a gravity furnace without blinking and I won't replace it until it fails - if it ever does. I think there is a lot of hype about pulling out the old furnaces - probably by furnace companies or people that think anything old is bad.

Anywho - I was able to get old photos of my house from neighbors. The MN Historical Society also has a truckload of them online. You can search for hours & then downlaod. I found a few near me, but not my house.

I'll have to drive by your house and take a look at your eaves. Thanks for the offer! I would love to be able to put something up there that looks close to the original.

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