Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vintage Bungalow

I have a bunch of favorite houses in the Twin Cities. They are houses, big and small, that at some point I stumbled upon and they left an impression on me. If I'm driving in the proximity of the house, I'll usually drive by just to see what's new. Most of them are from the 1920's era, but they are all styles. One is a huge mansion on the shores of Lake Calhoun.....another a small Spanish Style cottage.....on the list is also a small white & green bungalow on the other end of town.

Today I happened to be driving by the white & green bungalow. I noticed an Estate Sale sign out front. This instantly made me sad because it meant the older gentleman that I often saw sitting outside in a lawn chair enjoying his large garden had passed away. Although the sign made me curious, I felt bad about going into that man's house and rummaging through his stuff.

Well, I was making the return trip from my errand and once again passed the house. It was my heart & head talking to each other....."don't you want to see the inside?"........"Have some respect"......"But what if there is something really cool for sale and you miss it." About a block past the house, I pulled over and parked. I walked back to the house.

The inside of the house would make the heart of any bungalow purist beat faster. Oak & birch/maple throughout. A nice, big, mission style oak buffet...original dining room light. A vintage galley kitchen with a built in bench & table cove.....vintage birch cabinetry...and a vintage Roper stove. The wood work throughout still has it's original varnish finish. There was even a vintage canning stove in the basement. There was a green shag carpet throughout that I'm sure was had done a nice job of protecting oak floors.

I didn't buy anything in the house.....although I seriously eyed the stove. I suspect the sale had been going on for a few days and I was hitting the tail end. There was a note taped to the (vintage) front door that said the house was going to be sold.

I hope, hope, hope this house is sold to someone that appreciates the vintage state of it. If you are in the market for a vintage bungalow in the south part of Minneapolis, drop me and email and I'll give you directions.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know if this house is still for sale. I am looking to downsize from a large prairie style to a smaller bungalow.

StuccoHouse said...

It sold rather quickly last year. One day I saw people moving things inside.

You might take a look at They always seem to have a nice supply of bungalows.

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