Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paint & Pressure

Every now and again I like to do something outside my house that lets my neighbors know that I really do intend to do more work on the house. A small gesture. Assurances that I know the house still needs help, and I actually do plan to eventually do something about it. Especially for the new neighbors on the block that may not have lived through the Great Front Step Replacement of '06, the Great Tulip Planting of '05 or the Great Lawn Green-up of '04.

Right now, I have the second ugliest house on the block (maybe 3rd, depending on criteria). Thank heaven for the lady that never mows her lawn or picks up her newspaper, or I'd be vying for the crown. My sewer replacement really did me in. I feel the pressure.

In all fairness, I need to explain that in most cases when you are restoring an old house....things need to get ugly before they can get better. Paint needs to be stripped, aluminum & tile needs to be peeled away, pressure treated wood needs to be disassembled, etc. Patience is a virtue. Patience is also a necessity.

One of the first things I plan to do when it warms up a bit, is to paint my front entryway. Last summer I stripped all of the paint off it and repaired the rotted wood. I only had time to prime it all before the snow fell. This Spring, I had a restored wood storm door installed. The whole thing looks....how shall I put this.....unfinished.

So, I bought 4 paint samples and put them on the screen door. Everyone that walks by can clearly see Something Is In the Works. I'm leaning towards to color in lower left. More on this in my next post.


Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

How good are you with photoshop? putting translucent colors over photos is sometimes a good way to "paint" your house and you'll see how it might look without really painting. If you are looking for recommendations, I would recommend 2 colors (one darker, one lighter)- one for the door and panels and another for the frames. You can eventually carry these across the rest of the wood on your house (there is so much detail to yours that it would look incredible). I love all the colors you have on the door right now.

StuccoHouse said...

I keep meaning to buy photoshop....

Like minds on the two colors of paint ;-)....my plan is to paint the panels on both the door & side insets a different shade of the same color. I'm actually trying to recreate the original colors and I unearthed while stripping the paint. I'm usually pretty good at paint selection, but for some reason matching these colors has been hard.

Thanks for the optomism on the paint....I need to hear that right now :-)

aaron said...

I love the colors, it's cool to think that you found the original paint colors. I agree, the detail work would look really nice on your house painted a two-tone. I tried photoshoping some trees on a house I had once, it's nice to get a visual.

aaron said...

I meant to say "photoshoping some trees out of the yard." You probably don't want to know what your house would look like with trees on it, do you? :)

StuccoHouse said...

Aaron - I dunno....I've been seeing a bunch of magnolia trees in bloom around town....and have started to think maybe I need one. I suppose I could photoshop it in to see what it would look like :-)

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