Monday, April 09, 2007

The New (Old) Storm Door

Well, Greg from Blue Moon Remodeling (looks like his website is under construction) got the storm door installed. I am very happy with it and more than a little relieved. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a little odd because I've been standing out there admiring it & taking photos. I tried to get all my admiration in before they got home from work, but a few caught me.

The door & the wood surround are all just primed at this point (I stripped the many layers of paint from the wood surround last summer). You can see the small patch under the new handles where I patched the hole from the old hardware & sanded.

Next, I will need to strip the tiny bit of paint that was under the trim of the aluminum door....and finish stripping the glass insert. Then paint the whole shebang. I have a very pale yellow picked out for the house trim....and I think I'll add another darker yellow shade for the inset panels.

The only glitch was that the door actually turned out to be about .25-.5" short when the trim from the aluminum door was removed. I'll probably have to add a door sweep on the inside before next winter. Not a big deal.

I love how the top panel matches the side windows in height. At some point, I may have the glass insert panel modified so it has a bunch of smaller panes of glass or maybe two panes (like the side storm windows) instead of the three horizontal.


Ranty said...


I have to install a storm door too, and I hope I don't screw it up... (I actually have no door at all right now on the entry hole to my porch, so it's pretty ghetto. I guess I better get on that.)

ben said...

was the storm insert already part of the door? I have an oak screen door but it never had a storm window and I'm wondering how to modify that

StuccoHouse said...

Ben - The insert did come with the door. There was once a screen insert too, I'm sure, but it was tossed before I got it. The insert fit into the door from the inside into a cut groove...kind of like a storm window. This one is held in place by two latches that turn into slots in the insert by "screw" in the door frame. At my old house, I had pretty much the same set up...except the insert was held in place by oversized "screws" that screwed into holes in the frame and overlapped the adge of the insert. I've seen both for sale at hardware stores. I can take more photos if it would help.

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

Too bad it doesn't have one of those nice ovals with leaded glass(sarcasm). Seriously though, it looks awesome - the whole entry looks great.

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