Monday, April 09, 2007

Help Has Arrived

The handyman is here installing my salvaged wood storm door. I was stressed about this for months. Where could I find a handyman that I could trust to cut down & install my beloved door? After hunting that thing down, hauling it home, stripping it, repairing the original hardware hole and priming it......then hunting down the hardware......I got to the point where I was nervous to let anyone even touch it. The primed storm door sat in my entryway all winter (the photo is old, but shows the two doors).

I finally decided I had to find someone to install it. So, I went to one of my favorite hardware stores back in my old neighborhood (more people restoring their houses vs. remodeling over there) & asked them if they knew of anyone. I told them that I needed someone really good :-) They gave me a name.

I spent a few minutes chatting with him this morning when he arrived. He seemed calm & undaunted by my assignment...which made me calm. He's worked on old houses.....and he worked at two of my favorite old fashioned hardware stores. I am cautiously optimistic.

We chatted about a few of the other projects I have going on around the house, namely removing the aluminum soffits. I'm pretty sure I can't handle pulling all that aluminum down myself, and it would be nice to have a name of a back-up. He "gets" that I am restoring the house, not renovating. If things go well, he may be my new best (paid) friend.

Hopefully, photos of the installed door will follow shortly.


The Litter Box House said...

Ok, I'm a little embarassed to ask...Is the storm door different from a screen door because the storm door has glass? I couldn't see any material in the big hole within your storm door (or maybe the glass is so clean there wasn't even a reflection!) and thought that it could potentially be a screen door. Clearly I don't know much about the two doors. I just know that I desperately want screen doors because the south walls on the first floor of our has has two doors, but no openable windows for ventilation. Screen doors would provide a lovely breeze...

StuccoHouse said...

Litterbox - I was being tricky and not showing the inset because I'm still in the process of stripping the paint off of it :-) This door has an inset that you change with the in winter and a full screen in the summer. I'll post photos of the door w/ the glass inset. I still need to have a screen insert made. I think the difference between a storm door & a screen door is that the sotrm door has those inserts & a screen door has screen permanantly attached. A lot of screen doors seem to have screen around a wood frame....storm doors seem a little more solid, but less screen overall. I do leave the door open in the summer and do get a nice breeze :-)

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