Friday, April 20, 2007

Fabrication of My Imagination

I just got off the phone with a metal fabricator.

Who knew finding a curved drip edge for a roof would be so difficult.

For the past two weeks, I have been searching for a solution to my current drip edge situation. To recap, I have a curved front door overhang. The pitch is quite low, so the overhang was covered in roofing membrane. Traditionally, they would have run shingles out a few inches over the edge and skipped a drip edge, but because of the membrane this isn't an option. The fascia was covered with aluminum. When it came time to install a drip edge, the roofer took a standard metal drip edge & snipped it every inch or so to make it "curve" (the word curved is used loosely here).

It has always been ugly, but when I took down the aluminum fascia it became apparant the the drip edge was not even fitting to the roof. There is a gap of up to an inch in some spots. Recently, this gap has been discovered by bats. I am suddenly quite motivated to resolve this problem.

I started calling roofers. I chose roofers that specifically said in their ads that they did repairs. I contacted the first roofer and carefully explained to him what I needed to have done. I asked if it sounded like something he would be interested in. "Oh, yes" I was assured. When he got back to the office he would call me to schedule a time. I waited. The creep never called.

So, I called a second company, explained to them in detail the situation. The guy came out to look at the overhang. Told me he knew how to handle it. Would talk to a fabricator and get back to me. I should have had a clue because his favorite saying seemed to be "I'm just a roofing guy." I guess he could install the stuff, but repairing it was beyond him (?) Again, I waited.

So, two weeks were wasted (thank you Topside Roofing and S & R Roofing) . Why these dopes don't just tell you they aren't interested in/capable of making the repair is beyond me. It would save everyone a lot of time, and I wouldn't have to get so irritated.

Anyway. Deep breath.

I then decided that maybe my best route would be to find a metal fabricator myself. See if they could make a drip edge for me.....then get a handyman (or myself) to replace any rotted sheathing and reaffix the membrane. But, how does one go about finding a fabricator?

I pulled out the Yellow Pages and started circling ads that looked promising. Then on a whim, I decided to see what the Roofer ads looked like. I saw a name that looked familiar. The company is both a roofing company and a metal fabricator.

They seemed like a good fit, so I gave the company a call and spoke to somone there that seemed to easily grasp what I needed. I got a little excited when she asked me if I was also looking for someone to install it. She promised to have a metal guy call me to discuss details. Please join me in crossing your fingers.


Ranty said...

My fingers are crossed for you! Please keep us updated as this progresses... I'm really interested to know how it goes.

As for contractors/handpersons not calling back, boy do I sympathize with that! It' happens to me all the time and it's totally frustrating.

Josh said...

The roofing business must be pretty good right now if even the roofers advertising repair work turn up their noses at a job that requires a *gasp!* custom solution.

Good luck!

StuccoHouse said...

Ranty - You can count on future posts on this ;-) I'm actually thinking this might be kind of a fun experience.

I really haven't had too much of a problem with contractors not calling me back. Usually they sense kind of a jackpot in my house because it needs so much work. The roofers had me really pissy for a few days.

Josh - Well, if the curse I put on them works....they will have no work this summer ;-) You would think something a little unusual would be a challenge to them..that's not the same old, same old.

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