Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm exhausted. I spent the day hauling dirt.

Last fall I had my sewer laternal line replaced. This left me with a front yard of mud. I was able to ignore this as long as it was covered with snow. But, alas, the snow is gone and something needed to be done. I was getting daily flyers attached to my doorknob from companies wanting to sell me their lawn services.

So, early last week I started buying top soil. I originally looked into hiring someone to deliver a batch to my house, but they quoted me a price of $80. At the time that seemed steep. Right now, I'm thinking it was not so steep after all.

Last week I went to Menards and piled 12 forty pund bags onto a cart. I was pretty confident that this would fill my entire front yard. 12 forty pound bags from the store shelf onto a cart, from the cart into my car, from my car into my front curb, from the curb up my front hill. I don't mean to whine, but I'm just saying.

Seems my estimating skills are a bit rusty. 12 forty pound bags only made a minor dent in the boulevard area from the curb to the sidewalk. I'd pour out the bag and a tiny little mound of dirt the size of a large ant hill would be sitting there.

So, today I went back for 12 more bags. 12 is the exact amount of dirt both my mini-suv and I can handle without collapsing. This dirt finished off the boulevard area. I was then able to put down starter fertilizer.....seed & then water the whole thing.

I need to repeat the whole process for the rest of the actual front yard. I'm guessing 24-36 bags for the rest of the yard. I took "after" photos...but the sad thing is they look identical to the "before" photo. However, if all goes well boulevard grass should sprout in 5-20 days.

One benefit of working outside......I was able to chat with a few of my neighbors that I haven't seen since last fall when we all went into hibernation. I also met my new neighbor across the street who seems very nice.


Ellen said...

I think this is one of the mysteries of physics - how a 40 pound bag of dirt inevitably shrinks between the store and your yard.

StuccoHouse said...

Lol...whatever physics rule is in also applies to mulch.

Ranty said...

Ach, that sounds horrible!

As long as you're not planting vegetables in it, you could check craigslist for "free fill" ads. You would need a pickup though...

Alternatively, there's a place over by the University (east bank) where you can get screened compost for $12 per cubic yard. That's what I'm getting tomorrow to even out my lawn and fill my raised beds.

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