Saturday, March 17, 2007

Doorbell Button Revisited

A few weeks ago I bought some salvaged stuff from a house that was being torn down. I really, really was interested in the light (which I got), but as an after thought I also put a bid in on an old door bell button. It was an interesting design, but looked like it had seen it's better days.

I only saw the button via a photo (to the left) before bidding....and thought it was an oil rubbed bronze over brass. It looked like it has some serious scuff marks near the button. No one else bid against me, so I ended up with the doorbell.

Yesterday, I took it out of the baggie it came in and took a closer look. First, its a lot larger than what I anticipated. Secondly, it wasn't oil rubbed was just really filthy. I started cleaning it. Lo and behold it is shiny nickel (almost looks like sterling) with a little brass ring around the bakelite button. It has a very pretty detailed design. No manufacturing marks.

Not the kind of door bell button that you would expect to find on a bungalow. But, the house being torn down.....from my guess.....was a 1920-30's house. I do know the former house had a lot of arts & crafts type features. I'd guess this button to be from the late 20's to mid 30's. Even though my front door is all about oil rubbed bronze and arts & crafts styling....I'm thinking StuccoHouse might need this button (my original is long gone).


Jocelyn said...

it's lovely.

Ranty said...

Wow, that is totally awesome!

I love the feeling of cleaning up old stuff and discovering that it's really beautiful underneath. I am currently experiencing that with my floor grates... they're so pretty once all the nasty paint is cleaned off!

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