Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Piece...

I'm going to keep this one short.

Here is my current bathroom light. Stunning, right?

After 4 years of hunting (who knew black ceramic, two bulb lights & black ceramic fixtures were so hard to find), I finally found a replacement.

Last week after painfully telling myself I was not allowed to buy an almost $300 vintage light at a local antique store (Antiques Riverwalk, for the locals).....I came home to the new Rejuvenation catalog that carries a new, virtually identical light. Mine arrived today.


Kathy said...

I read a lot of blogs and a surprising number of bloggers have Dell problems. HP is now outselling Dell and I've never read any complaints about their computers. I have had an HP for three years and bought one for my brother & his four children two years ago, no problems. My brother tried to go from dial-up to cable and the cable company gave him a crock because there was no cable in the house at all (they don't have a TV) and the installation was going to be quite pricey. I suggested that he go with DSL, he said cable would be faster, I said going from Dial-up to DSL you'll think you're in heaven. He's had DSL for two years now and he and his children are thrilled with it. (His wife will not touch the computer, can't even turn it on...)

StuccoHouse said...

When I bought my last computer, I was supposed to get a Windows XP upgrade from Dell. I never got it in spite of contacting them a bajillion times. This still irritates me. Of course, I swore I'd never order from them again. And even looked at HP (and Macs)

However, I have to say I've never had a problem with their computers ( this is my 5th), and thats why I ordered from them again. Even now, my little mishap was more Vista & me. Dell was lovely about it. They even called me yesterday to make sure All was working ok.

Lol...I've been dealing with Qwest for the past week trying to get dsl. Thier website ran into an error processing the order. Yesterday, one of their fine Reps. hung up on me - on purpose. If I weren't so driven to see the Petch House videos, I'd be tempted to put it on a shelf for a while.

What happened to even basic customer service?? (I can't imagine not knowing how to turn on a computer)

merideth said...

love the light fixture. gorgeous!

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