Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another Hot Deal

I am going to post one more hot deal I ran across a few weeks ago for Minneapolis residents. Then I will stop for fear that St. Paulites will form a posse and cross the river :-)

I wrote a last summer about how many of the old elm trees that once ran along the boulevard of the city streets had been hit by Dutch Elm disease and cut down. Last summer two of those huge elms on my street were cut down. My house lost it's elm many years ago. It's really a loss for the entire block, because the streets once had these great leaf canopies that stretched across the entire street. Now some houses have replacement trees (mine has a maple) and some just have the old stump.

So, when I read an article about how the City of Minneapolis has partnered with an organization called Tree Trust to offer Mpls. residents a tree for $15, it caught my eye.

According to the info. I have you can purchase Cathedral Elm, Bur Oak, Austrian Pine, River Birch, Cockspur Hawthorn or Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry. It would be great if this prompted people to replace their missing elms with the new disease resistant elms. I like my maple okay, but there really is nothing like the tall V shape of an elm.

Here is a link to the ordering details. It sounds like there is an April 15th deadline and quantities are limited so if you are interested, I wouldn't dilly-dally.

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone plants one of these trees.


Ellen said...

Hmmm. Fortunately, I have all the trees I can handle. Otherwise I'd be getting my torch and pitchfork ready.

If they start a compost barrel program, you'd better watch out. I missed that two summers ago and have been kicking myself ever since.

merideth said...

right on! i love when cities do this. Oakland actually has a program in which they will supply and plant a street tree that's been approved for our climate and urban environment for free. You just have to promise to water it.

Jeff said...

Ha! I am currently getting bids on concrete step replacement on my home. I laughed a bit when, with all the options on the world wide web, I happen across a stucco home bungalow owner in my back yard! I am technically in the Howe area, but I imagine I could drive a few blocks one way or another and find you home based on the picture. I would be interested in learning more about who you used for your concrete work as most of the bids I've reveived to date are, gulp, large. Looks like you have done nice work so far. Keep it up!

StuccoHouse said...

Jeff - It really is a small world :-) I used Daymar Construction ( for my concrete work and was very happy with them. I got 3 bids and they actually were the lowest bid, but they impressed me the most in talking to them. I called the references they supplied & checked with the BBB and they came out squeeky clean. It's been almost a year now and the work is still going strong.

Anonymous said...

Miss Nitpick's Note:

The disease is Dutch, not the tree. The trees are American elms. I miss them, too.

Thank you for your very entertaining and informative blog. I always look forward to reading it and hearing from a fellow Minneapolis booster. Your confidence and can-do attitude are inspiring. Please keep it up!

Thanks again.

StuccoHouse said...

Miss Nitpick - Yea, I guess I knew that. I was just trying to post before leaving town, was in a hurry and just didn't catch that I did that (you'll note my previous post is correct). Anyway, corrections made. Thanks for the feedback.

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