Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On My Way Home

Oh, I was so very bad today.

I had an appointment this morning to have my company taxes done. Ugh. After I finished this ugly task, I was feeling a little sorry for myself having had to pour over receipts for the past few days & then sit with my crazy accountant for an hour. So, I decided to stop at LightWorks, a cool local vintage lighting stores, on my way home. Well, "on my way home" if that means a 20 mile side trip. Semantics.

Anywho, I was browsing through their showroom when I ran across a pair of hand painted sconces (top of photo). Hand painted sconces that match the sconce I picked up on salvage last week (bottom of photo)....and also match the pink hanging lamp I picked up at that same sale. Hand painted sconces that would fit perfectly in my sunroom (with the hanging lamp in the adjoining room and the single sconce in the walk-in closet). I got a little giddy.

This was A Sign, right?

They were expensive. So, I rationalized that if I averaged out what I spent on all 4 lights, I was still doing ok.

It's really the "price per room" that counts, right?

I also picked up some cool, vintage style, pink light bulbs (they have a little swirl on top). They are Permalite bulbs made by ADL, Inc. out of California. I called the company in the hopes of getting their catalog with their other vintage style bulbs, but they are wholesale and could not have been less interested in helping me find a dealer to talk to about their complete line (yes, I've seen the dealer list on their website). So, I'll save that battle for another day.


stevemanes8 said...

Way cool! I've been looking for something like that to replace my cheap 'n cheezy upstairs hallway sconce.

Poppy said...

definitely a sign...glad you caught the cue :) Those are cute as can be, enjoy them!

Chris said...

Great find! I really love that all of them match so well...they were definitely meant to be "together".

Carol said...

Serendipity. Another excellent addition to your home.

Silver Maple Leaf said...

I was looking at your pictures in the pee stained floors post and I can't help but think that they added character to the floor. I have seen that before and never knew what it was. I didn't realize that pee did that to hard wood. I will have to keep that in mind when thinking about floors for our Earthbag Domes.

Anonymous said...

Very fun! You have now discovered Porcelier light fixtures.

Porcelier made many different items, including ceiling fixtures, wall fixtures, beautiful table lamps (these are harder to find), percolator sets, porcelain toasters and waffle makers, etc.!

You can search eBay for "Porcelier" to see the many different items they made.

I believe they operated from the 20's through the early 50's. I've collected many Porcelier items over the years, and have loved every one of them.

Enjoy your new sconces!

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