Friday, February 23, 2007

Into The Darkness

Here is the light switch at the bottom of my basement steps. It took my electrician about 30 minutes to install and cost me about $40.

For some 80 years before that light switch was installed, StuccoHouse owners crept their way down the steep basement steps, paused on the bottom step, put their arms out straight in front of them, and then took their first step into total darkness slowly moving their outstreached arms from side to side - heart beating a little faster.......until their fingers touched the hanging string of the sole ceiling light fixture located on the other side of the basement.

The imaginary visual makes me chuckle.


Poppy said...

It might make you chuckle but it made my heart race a tiny bit cause I remember going into the very, very dark basement of my childhood with my little arm swinging and my heart pounding! eek!

Nice switchplate :)

StuccoHouse said...

I only had to do it few times before I decided that a switch needed to be installed. My basement is a little craapy in the dark. It was kind of scary because you were hoping against hope that it was a light string your fingers ran into first.

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