Saturday, February 24, 2007

Behind Door #2

Builders of bungalows back in the day must have had a quirky sense of humor. And every now and then they slid one of their little jokes into a house design.

Last summer at the block club picnic, one of my neighbors asked me if my house was the one with "the hallway with all the doors." Yes indeed, that is my house.

I have a small little 6'x10' hallway that has, count em, 8 doors opening directly into it. With the exception of the living room, every room in my house opens into this little hallway. They actually could have fit in one more door, if they had planned just a little better.

It humors me. It also is pretty darn convenient when you want to separate the "public" rooms from the "private" rooms. When I refinished my oak dining room and living room floors, I could block off those rooms and still had total access to the important rooms of the house (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen).

Somewhere along the line, 2 of the doors have been removed and stored in the basement. One day just to amuse myself, I'm going to reinstall the missing doors and then open and shut all of the doors.


Greg said...

That could be a door record. The 1926 apartments over my garage have a similar door to hallway ratio.

Mike said...

Wow, that is a lot of doors, but I just saw another amazing door display last week. We were working on a salvage in a bungalow that had a 50's addition across the back of the house, the entire back wall was screen doors with trim between them. We counted there are 12 doors on the inside and 12 doors on the exterior! These are all wooden screen doors that have never been drilled for hardware! They currently have the glass storms in them and we found the screens in the attic. We can't wait to get them to our salvage barn

Psymonetta said...

Our 1952 ranch/bungalow has a similar hallway. It's 6 ft x 5 ft L shape and has 6 doors.

Ellen said...

This made me take another look at my central hallway. Six doors, plus a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. There's access to every room in the house, other than the basement.

Thanks for the comments about the Philip Goodwin prints. The Goodwin was just a poster-size print. The calendars were Richard E. Bishop waterfowl prints, from a bank in Florida, no less. We got a little more than we expected for them on eBay, but not $50-$100 apiece, more's the pity.

derek said...

it's all great until you work on the hallway, then you can't get to any of the rooms. That's the problem I faced when working on our hallway

StuccoHouse said...

Greg & Psy - I dunno, the doors make me laugh. Now that I think about it the ranch I grew up in had a very small hallway w/ 5 doorways - but it never seemed as cluttered as mine.

Mike - wow, where were all those screen doors last summer when I was on the great storm door quest!?? 24 doors - what could they have been thinking?

Ellen - We are big Philip Goodwin fans in my family. I just about had a heart attack when I saw your print. Even an old print should bring a pretty penny.

Derek - Funny you should make that comment as stripping the casing is on the summer to do list - I was thinking of pulling off the doors while I worked.

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