Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Awful Truth

I'm going to break this next project story down into three separate posts. This project was completed B.B. (before I started my blog) and to be honest I'm still a little scarred by it.

In fact, it was the second project I completed on my house and it was also the dawning that StuccoHouse was going to be a little more work than I had fully anticipated.

When I first toured StuccoHouse with my realtor, I noticed that some of the floors were a bit discolored. I knew that I was going to have the floors refinished, so this wasn't a huge concern of mine.

When I was moving into the house, I noticed that the dark floor stains were much more extensive than what I saw on my pre-purchase tour. The clever PO had strategically place furniture, I think. With the rooms bare, I could see the oak flooring was stained a foot (or more) out from the baseboard around most of the perimeter of both the dining room & the living room. The entrance and all of the corners were particularly bad.

I figured that at some point one of the PO's had left some of the many windows in these two rooms open and it had rained in on the floors. Keep in mind that I moved into the house at the end of October. The fact that it was cold, kept me blessedly protected from one of the main clues as to what caused this staining. Oh, the innocence.

So, I started naively calling around to have a floor guy come in and sand & refinish the floors. I had three guys out for bids.

Much to my horror, one after another they informed me that the stains I was seeing were caused by cat pee (a tiny piece of trivia - dogs pee in the middle of floors & cats along the wall). Cat pee. I had just purchased a pee house.

Then, as if on cue to confirm what I was hearing from the floor guys, we had a warm weather day and StuccoHouse house was filled with the distinct aroma of pee.


Next post: Whatever is a girl faced with pee stained floors to do?!


the reluctant remodeler said...

Ooh, we have/had pee floors, too. The worst was our dining room, which looks similiar to the picture here. They're sealed now and I was spared the pee smell, personally, because they were professionally done. It almost knocked over the poor floor guy, though.

Greg said...

I had no idea cat pee stained wood like that. Thank God my two cats are not inside pee'ers. Well, they are, but the use the litter box religiously. In fact, one day I had the back door open and I saw Sadie walk in the house, use the litter box, and then immediately go back out side. Now THAT'S a domesticated cat!

Patricia W. said...

Wow. I mean, how much urine does it take to do this to wood? And who would put up with it for so long? I can't wait to read the next installment....

I also have two cats who are litter trained and yes, they come inside to "go". Turkey-butts!

Marg. said...

My parents had to deal with this in their first fixer-upper (a shotgun italianate). They bought a shovel just to remove the six layers of dog and cat excrement caked carpet, then rented a sander and opened ALL the windows...

six coats of varathane later, the floors were gorgeous. And not stinky.

kendra said...

Oh no! Is it in the baseboards, as well as the flooring? Thanks for the trivia re. the geography of cat vs. dog pee-- we're still trying to figure out the source of the stink we're dealing with and that might help us narrow it down.

StuccoHouse said...

Lol...I'm not sure what was going on there or how many cats were involved. It's probably better I don't know :-) I do know that the floors were covered in carpeting at one time, which may explain it a bit. I'll have to remember to post a photo of the door to my basement and another little "gift" these cats left me. It's so ironic that I ended up dealing with this, as I've never owned a pet (other than gerbils - Bonnie & Clyde - who met a sad end equal to their human counterparts).

I'll explain more in my next post, but the drak stains were only on the floor and not the baseboard (which is darker by plan).

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