Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The house across the street from me sold. I wasn't paying close attention, and all of a sudden there was a "sold" sign up. It was for sale for maybe 3 months.

The house is one of those cute brick bungalows that are pretty common in my city. Those brick bungalows always look sharp - hardly ever in need of paint, low maintenance, solid, and for the most part seem to have escaped some of the other hazards bungalows have been subject to over the years. I have seen photos of the interior of the house, and it has been nicely restored to a 1920's look. The house is smaller in size than mine, but it has a nice, tile fireplace.

This sale is good for a few reasons.

1) I can let go of this nagging guilt that my trashy front yard was scaring off all potential buyers;

2) The short time it was for sale reassures me that that the "slowdown" that is supposed to hit real estate has not severely affected my neighborhood;

3) It confirms that well, restored houses are retaining their value better than gut renovations & expansions in my part of town;

4) The selling price indicates to me I am on track with an overall 10% ROI for my house :-) ; and

5) It dawned on me that the guy with the red truck that has been parked out front of our houses daily for the last month may be the new owner. We have established a "hey" relationship as we both go out to our cars at lunchtime....and he does not appear to be a drug dealer, frat party boy, gang member, felon or other "seedy character" that one does not want within a bullet shot of their house.

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Ranty said...

Excellent blog! I'm glad I stumbled across it in my surfing of local house blogs.

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