Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Show & Tell

One more show & tell item.

Here is the salvaged light shade I found a few months ago for a whopping $3.50. It is one heavy piece of glass. I'll have an unlaquered brass post fixture made for it.

It will replace the PO's fresh from the big box store, made-in-China "stained glass" light. This light isn't totally awful, but it does look better in the photo than it does in real life. I think just because I make stained glass, it bothers me.

I still have to locate vintage lights for my bathroom & a set of sconces for my stairway.....and probably a new exterior front door light. Then the 4 yr lighting quest to restore my lighting to vintage 1920's will come to an end. I'm almost sad it see it end; turns out I really enjoy tracking this stuff down.

1 comment:

merideth said...

we were just at the salvage yard today and it happend to be a day when they had lots of great glass light shades. As frequently as we go to the salvage yard, we never thought to look there for replacment shades. Clearly you were already in the know!

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