Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Mini Autobiography

I've been "tagged" by Greg over at Petch House. It's an entertaining blog game where you have to reveal 5 things about yourself that other people probably don't know. I'm a pretty private person, so it's easy to find things that people may not know.

1) I like to travel. I have a bunch of passports full of old stamps. But, what even my friends and family would be surprised to know is that I have visited Spain (and Portugal) more times than I can count. In the ball park of 15 or 16 times, I think. My first trip to Spain was immediately after Franco died. My most recent trip was the year before I bought StuccoHouse. I met a boy on my first visit...which inspired a bunch of the earlier trips. I've remained friends with his sisters over the years (much to his chagrin and my amusement) and have been back to visit them and their families more recently. I have some entertaining stories that include witnessing a coup attempt, being "detained" by the international border patrol & their dogs, seeing BB King in Madrid, accidentally renting a room in a Spanish brothel..... There is something about Spain that just clicks with me.

2) I like school. I mean I REALLY like school. For most people school is a means to an end. For me, it is the end. I have a degree in English & business. Another in Secondary Ed. 50% of a MA in English as a Second Language. I completed a Masters in International Management. Am one statistics course short of an MBA. You'd think I'd be gunning after some high powered career. You'd think I was a straight "A" student. Nope & nope. I learned it. I never will professionally apply it. I can't explain it either.

3) I have freakishly long, skinny fingers. Through the years, I was often told that I should be a hand model (don't laugh, I had an aunt who was). I probably should have looked into it more, but there was something about saying "hand model" when someone asked me what I did.....that I just couldn't do. These long fingers paired with my hand eye coordination makes me alarmingly good at factory machine jobs. I spent one very long summer home from college working at a plant where I excelled at stacking frozen waffles on a conveyor belt, sliding them into cellophane packaging and into a heat sealing machine. The supervisor told me I should consider it full time as my fingers were a "made for that type of work." Yikes!

4) I am a decidedly right-brained person who works in a uber left-brained career. I stumbled into my line of work and was in too deep before I discovered that my true interests probably lay elsewhere. Luckily I have found a niche that has allowed me to own my own company. Given my druthers (and some additional skill)....I'd be writing short stories a la Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald.....decorating houses.....appraising antiques......or just backpacking around.

5) I'm running out of material here. I'll throw out a few miscellaneous items. I have a tattoo put there by a guy named Snake. I know the words to most of the songs of old musicals (and most likely have the album or cd). I have a really good memory for unimportant details. Other than a latte, I have not drank a glass of plain milk in probably 20 some years. I have to "tag" 5 blogs. How about......Bungalow '23 (although they just had a baby and may not have time to play), Litterbox House, Top to Bottom, Foxcroft, and Tiny Bungalow. You're it ;-)


The Litter Box House said...

Ack! You got me! I was wondering if I'd get tagged for this game.

I've been a lazy blogger lately, so it's good that you got me.


My Marrakech said...

Wowza. 15-16 trips to Spain! I love Portugal, too.

What do you do (for work, I mean)?

Greg said...

So we're like polar opposites when it comes to the whole school thing. I think your way is better.

StuccoHouse said...

Andrea - Look forward to reading it!

Maryam - My job in a nut shell: I work in the financial services industry. There I track new law & regulation and advise companies in changes they need to make to their products in order to meet the new requirements. All kinds of fun, huh? ;-)

Greg - Different routes up the mountain. I really don't think one is better than the other. Really.

kris said...

We've been to portugal a number of times and LOVE it. Thanks for tagging us (haha). We finally got around to playing along :-)

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