Tuesday, January 23, 2007

False Alarm

It is with no small amount of relief that I am able to report to you tonight that the ceiling fan light in my office/bedroom has been repaired.

On Sunday, after pulling my hair in a ponytail (possible bats) and donning my rarely seen glasses (yes, I learned my lesson), I slowly mounted my swivel desk chair (because we are all about safety here at StuccoHouse) to inspect the fan.

Once I was able to get a better look, I realized that the fan chain had somehow wrapped itself around the main mechanism resulting in the fan not working. It was then pretty obvious that the only thing wrong with the light was a burned out bulb. I had to hunt down the manual to get the freaking shade off of the light, but once the bulb was replaced.....everything was once again working as it should.

Oh, how silly do I feel now for imagining the worst :-) I believe that I owe a small apology to rodents everywhere for my false suspicions. I have to keep reminding my vivid imagination that if something goes wrong in an old house, the most simple explanation is usually correct.

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