Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cars and Blogs

2006 had one last lesson for me.

A few weeks ago I posted a whiney story about how my car has crushed my home improvement aspirations by needing new struts. Very expensive new struts.

Well, I bought those new struts and went upon my merry way. Visions of new mail boxes, a plumber installing my salvaged bathroom sink, buying tiles for my bathroom, and a vintage stove once again began dancing through my head.

Meanwhile, my car laid quietly in wait. Plotting to teach me a lesson on perspective. Hell hath no fury like a car scorned on a Blog.

Turns out new struts are not nearly as expensive as new struts AND a new exhaust system.

If you listen carefully, you can hear a Toyota quietly laughing. Lesson learned.

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utopia13 (on said...

Hey Stuccohouse...Bimmers laugh hard at you when the struts go bad too! Too bad I don't have a spring compressor cuz the shop wants $500 to install & I already have the parts! ggrrrrrrr. That's putting a big hold on my plumming repair!

(just feelin' your pain my friend!)


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