Thursday, January 18, 2007

And Then There Was Darkness

The History: When I first moved into my house, two of the bedrooms had large ceiling fans. Very large and very shiny black. These bedrooms were so small and the fans so large, that when you turned them on things swirled around the room like the vortex of a tornado.

The Shameful Admission: The restoration purist in me is loath to admit this. I liked the fans. Well, not so much the fans, per se, as the cool breeze they brought with them to this un-air-conditioned house.

The Acceptable Compromise: So, I bought two smaller, white fans. A friend of mine helped me install them. Well, he installed them after I assembled them.

The Unexpected Problem: A few weeks ago, the light in one room started to flicker. I ignored it until it eventually just went out. It needs to be fixed.

The Strange Plot Twist: On an old house website months ago, someone posted a photo of the skeleton of a bat/rat/mouse that was peeking out of the hole in his ceiling where he had removed a light fixture. This ugly, ugly image is burned into my brain. Burned there.

The Fallout: My subconscious has now convinced me that this is what caused my light to go out. As a result I can’t force myself to take that ceiling fan down for fear of some skeleton…or worse yet something live…..coming down on me (or ::shiver:: in my hair).


Kathy said...

I feel the same way you do about those "things" and cannot even read blog entries that have a m---- coming up. I HATE when they show pictures of them - causes nightmares for a week. If it's not just a lightbulb problem, you could hire someone to look at the fan and consider it money well spent on your mental health.

Greg said...

I see you in a helmet with face shield, large thick gloves, and an open bottle of wine close by to calm your nerves in the unlikely event something does come out of the hole.

StuccoHouse said...

Kathy - One day soon I'll post my electrician story and why I have to resolve this one myself.

Greg - Change "wine" to "gin & tonic" and you have a pretty accurate picture.

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