Friday, December 29, 2006


I made one of my semi-weekly trips over to the ReUse Center this afternoon. I wanted to donate the sink I decided not to use back to them. I've been hauling it around in the back seat of my car for the past couple of months, and decided if I wanted to take the tax deduction this year I had better get over there.

Of course, I had to take a swing through the place. They are having one of their 50% off the entire store sales. As always, I pulled out my little sheet with window measurements and spent some time confirming that once again they did not have any old wood storm windows to fit my house.

A few things worth mentioning.

One item I never thought to look for at the ReUse Center is a chimney cap. They had 5 of them there all in good condition; I think one was even new. $7 on sale. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for mine, but it was a lot more than $7.

They also have a good supply of old wood storm doors in good condition (80.75" x 36" & 80"X35" were the two I measured). Most are $15 on sale. Too big for my back door and I already have one for my front door, but maybe someone else is searching....

And finally. I saw the oak buffet that was pulled out of the house in my former neighborhood. It was bigger than I imagined from the photo. It was in excellent condition. It looked oh-so-sad to be sitting there homeless. Hopefully, someone buys the buffet and is able to replace one that was torn out of their old house. And all will end relatively happy.

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