Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Reminder

A little over three years ago two delivery men from Target/Marshall Fields (now Macy's) stole my purse when they delivered furniture to my house. Along with my purse, they stole my identity.

Today, I received yet another letter demanding payment for a bad check written last week at a drug store.

I will spend time early next week ordering & reviewing my credit reports (yet, again), writing a letter to the law firm who is demanding payment & threatening court action, sending proof by certified mail proving that I did not write this bad check, and filing a police report in yet another state.

I'm told, mine is the best case senario of identity theft because I realized my purse was gone seconds after they took it. Although I wasn't able to recover the stolen items, I was able to shut down all of my credit card accounts as they drove off. Still, they were able to write tens of thousands of dollars in bad checks in my name. And surprisingly, the police do not investigate.

A reminder. If you have a stranger coming to work on your house, be there. Even if you are there (I was), do not let your eye off of your valuables for even a split second. Target would/could not even tell me if they do criminal checks on their delivery people. 99% honest folks, but just one can make your life miserable for a long time.

P.S. Next week I will be back to bright and cheery posts about my house restoration. I promise.


The Litter Box House said...

Hidy ho. Identity theft sure does suck. I haven't experienced identity theft, but there is another woman in WI that has the same name that I do. More than once people have contacted me thinking I'm her - and these aren't happy calls, they're debt collection agencies. But she's been a good girl lately and I haven't been contacted in a couple of years now.

As for other things... Can you explain how you upload multiple photos on your site using blogger? My problem is the location of the photos with regards to spacing and the accompanying text. Mine looks so strange! Do you work with yours in html? If you don't mind, take a look at my entry for Dec 2. There are some major gaps between some of the photos.

Do you download all of your photos to Blogger first or one photo at a time? In what particular order if you put them in all at once? How do you enter text after downloading the photos. Do you try to manipulate the placement? I tried to use Blogger help, but that was no help at all...

Thanks for any help you can offer.

StuccoHouse said...

Litter Box - I posted some info. on how I post photos on your blog :-)

The Litter Box House said...



The Litter Box House said...

Hi again! I was reading one of your earlier posts about visiting an antique store in La Crosse, WI (you purchased some bathroom hardware). What's the name and address if you don't mind my asking...

Jason and I drive by La Crosse often when we go to MN to visit family. Good antique stores (with hardware, etc) are hard to find in WI. More common is what I call the flea market antique store - mostly old jewelry, postcards and toys. Our favorite antique store is in IA!


StuccoHouse said...

The place I usually go to in LaCrosse is the Antiques Center in downtown. It is 3 stories of dealers. 110 S. 3rd Street. I also always stop in at the senior citizens' craft store....from what I remember it's down the street a few blocks. Last year I picked up a garden whirly-wig (A guy sawing that moves in the wind) that is very cool.

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