Friday, December 15, 2006


This past week I drove to an out of town funeral. I've driven the route from the New Ulm area to the Twin Cities and back again a kajillion times in my life. This time I decided to take a new route home. This is farm country so the back roads are filled with old house, fields and countless barns....all in varying conditions. Ocassionally you will see a barn whose top has caved in. On the next trip by that farm, the barn will be gone.

On my way home I was driving through the town of Plato, MN when I spotted a small hand painted sign advertising antiques. On a whim, I turned off the main highway and followed the signs to an old farm. The entire barn had been converted into an antiques store - Pines-n-tiques. The place was huge.

As I worked my way through the first floor, I started chatting with the store owner. As old house people will do, we started talking about restoring old houses. She asked me if I had seen the wood floor in the back room of the barn. When I told her "no," she brought me back there to see the floor.

As it turned out, the room was a showroom for another local company. The company salvaged the wood from old barns that were on their way to being demolished. Antique Woodworks had set up a sample room of some of the woods they had salvaged and remilled into floors, wainscotting, mantles, molding, and some furniture. Oak, elm, hackberry, fir.....all old growth. Much of the wood dates back to the first settlers. Some still had the original saw marks on it from its original milling. I was amazed.

One thing that I adored about this company is that they laser engrave the barn's & the pioneer's history to the back of the newly milled products. So, as you reuse the wood from these old barn's you know it's history. How cool is that?

Definitely check out Antique Woodwork's website. It is a fun read.

I also found some very cool postcards (I collect them) and a small company that makes homemade soap using the lard & tallow method (the kind grandma's used to make). I'll post more about these later.......

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Nadja and Sean said...

Very cool. Thanks for the info!!

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