Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rot Be Gone

I've developed this bad habit of finishing a project and then not wanting to talk or think about it again. Not good for a blogger.

So in order to just get these photos online as proof that I actually did finish something this Summer/Fall, I'm posting a series of photos of the repair of my front door overhang brackets. They, obviously (I hope) run from bad to good.

A quick recap: Aluminum down, gasp - rot!; yuck! ants; rot be gone; LiquidWood wood consolidator; BoraCare borate treatment; WoodEpox epoxy; sanded epoxy; primed overhang bracket. I still need to replace the front fascia board and paint, but that will have to wait until next Spring.


johnleeke said...

How did you figure out how to do this?

StuccoHouse said...

Well, I was familiar with most of the products and had used them on other projects (restoring windows, etc.) So, from there it was a matter of figuring out what in what order to apply them (I called Abatron and asked them about when they would suggest applying the borate preservative w/ their products). I spent a lot of time just staring up at the overhang. The trickiest part for me was extending the board over the bracket that had rotted away maybe 6". I cut a new piece of cedar and used a combo of dowels & epoxy to make a seemless extension. I was worried about replacing some of the rotted beadboard, but that turned out to be pretty easy. I also read a lot of blogs written by people that are doing similar things :-)

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