Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Road Trip

I've been working a lot lately. So, yesterday I decided to take some time off and take a short road trip.

I went to college in a small town about an hour or so north of the Twin Cities. On a sunny day, it's a nice drive up there. They also have a small store on campus for local artists and artists in residence on campus. I make a run up there almost ever year about this time to pick up Christmas cards and some presents.

I took a pottery class when I was a college freshman from a pretty well known potter. She wins lots of local and international awards, and she sells her pottery in the store. So, each year I check out what she has to offer and usually end up taking home a piece. From what I remember, she seemed pretty old when she taught my class (she scared the bejeebers out of me too), so she must be ancient now.

The drive yesterday was nice. Warm (for MN this time of year) and sunny. I was all ready to do a little shopping when I pulled on to campus. I walked up to the little store.....and it was closed! The sign said it was open Tues. through Friday. Guess I should have called first.

The afternoon was not a total loss though. I took a quick tour of campus (boy, do students these days lead a cushy life) and I bought a school sweatshirt. I had lunch at BoDiddley's - one of the best lunch spots in the world. And between the stores in town and the outlet mall on the way home, I finished 95% of my Christmas shopping.

It looks like I have an excuse to make another short road trip up there again before the holidays :-)

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