Friday, November 10, 2006

Motivation Gone, Gone, Gone

I've been slowly working on restoring my old windows. I've been stripping them down to wood, replacing broken glass, removing all of the old putty and reputtying, applying wood preservative, repairing any damage, repainting, restoring the original hardware and reinstalling. I have also been stripping off mulitiple layers of paint on the wood window surround trim and repainting it. I've been mostly working on this between other projects.....taking my time and getting it exactly how I want it.

This summer I finished one of the windows in my bedroom.

It would seem all the hard work is done. All I have left to do is knot the replacement rope to the old weight and then run it through the pully and tie a knot and attach the upper & lower sashes (one sash is now propped in the window).

Ridiculously simple. Would take maybe 30 minutes. I get up each day and promise myself that today I will put the sashes in the window.

For the life of me, I can't get motivated to do this.

I thought with winter coming I would be forced to do it.

Au contraire.

It started to get cold. My bed is 3 feet from the window.

I switched over to my flannel jammies and was just fine.

It got colder.

I pulled out my Hudson Bay Point Blanket along with my flannel jammies and I was just fine.

It got even colder.

I pulled out my down comforter along with my Hudson Bay Point Blanket and my flannel jammies and I was just fine.

It got even colder.

I discovered that I can use my heating pad for a few minutes along with my down comforter, Hudson Bay Point Blanket and my flannel jammies and I stay toasty warm. I can't move real well, but I stay warm.

This weekend, they predict a cold front with snow.

Just. Can't. Get. Motivated.


Anonymous said...

you CAN DO IT, stuccohouse! (Or you can just put plastic up this winter, like us ;)
good luck!

ben said...

I've read where Benjamin Franklin always slept with a window open, even in winter. Just tell yourself it's for health reason (until you catch pneumonia).

It really isn't a difficult job and think about the celebration you can have once it's done!

jm@houseinprogress said...

Oh I am SO there with you on the demotivation thing. And yeah for Hudson Bay!

neon mamacita said...

Even though it's not done, the window looks great! What color/kind of paint are you using for the final coat?

StuccoHouse said...

Oh yea, the window is still out. But, the good news is I got all my leaves raked trying to avoid working on the window. I'm sure putting up platic would take more work than actually putting in the

The paint is a Benjamin Moore off white called Icicle. I use the BM Super Spec Oil based paint in semi gloss in my trim. Eventually all the painted trim in my house will be this color (it mish-mash of colors now).

Allison said...

I have a heated mattress pad. I love it.

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