Friday, November 03, 2006


I am going to be a lazy blogger today and point you towards a post on my Dad's blog about my paternal Grandmother. The story has been told in my family for years, and I actually have the original newspaper article written about her adventure.

I attribute 99% of my love of old houses & antiques to both of my Grandmothers.

You have read a bit about my maternal Grandmother's influence on my house in past posts. She owned a big farmhouse that even as a child, I adored.

You will be reading more about my paternal Grandmother's influence in the future when I get around to replacing the handrailing on my front steps. Her house had an entryway very similar to mine and I would love to duplicate some of the rail woodwork (and yes, that is the storm door of my dreams). As a child, visiting her house was big excitement.


Anonymous said...

You might like to know, there is a storm door very like your grandmother's at Bauer Brothers. Or there was about 3 weeks ago.

It's about 79"x32" and they want $75 (!) for it. It's heavy, sturdy and in excellent condition. I believe the window insert was in it but I saw a screen nearby that looked like it belonged with it.

I wanted it for my own South Minneapolis stucco house but my side door is only 73" tall and that was too much to cut off. Maybe it will work out for you.

StuccoHouse said...

My Sept. Archives show the wood storm door that will be going on my house. My door is quite large at 36x81. $25 :-) My Oct. Archives show the hardware I ended up using. It will end up looking very similar to the door in the photo.

I have a series of photos of my Grandma's storm door and they appeared to have a 3 piece set of glass/screen inserts. More on this in another post :-)

Thanks for the tip, maybe another reader will be able to nab that door.

Anonymous said...

Bauer's is awfully expensive, it seemed to me, certainly way more than the Re-use. But the guy I talked to, not the owner, made it seem like they'd negotiate. That is such a nice door, thick and sturdy and in great shape. Too bad.

Your door looks nice. Did you post about finishing/installing it?

Seems that itty bitty ones like I need are exceedingly rare. That's the side door. The front and back are normal sizes.

StuccoHouse said...

Bauer Bros is one of my favorite salvage places. They definitely will bargain :-) I agree that the ReUse Center is probably the cheapest, but you also have to sort through a lot of dirty crap to find anything worthwhile. The people that work there are not always the most helpful....or nice. I spent most of last Spring/Summer looking for my screen door and in the end lucked out because it is virtually impossible to look through the doors at the ReUse because of the way they have them stacked. I will say they have good sales though.

I haven't installed my door yet. Have called around for handymen (and one woman), but they are all booked. I'm not in a huge rush, so it may wait until Spring. But then I suppose I'll need to haul it down to the basement. Ugh.

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