Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holding It All In

This past weekend I replaced my window screens with my winter storm windows. I still have the old 1920's wood screens/storms in 9 windows. In the process I noticed (once again) that the wing nuts that hold the screens/storms in place were in really bad shape. They are the original hardware to the house - 80 some years old.

Normally I am all about stripping the paint off of old hardware and using the original stuff. But these were rusted well past their prime. In fact, a few of them were so rusted underneath the paint, that the paint had formed a shell over rust powder.

I though to myself "it will take me maybe an hour to replace these." I'm pretty sure if I had listened carefully at this point I would have heard my old house laugh.

So, I ran down to the local Ace Hardware store and bought a bunch of zinc plated replacements. (note to other restoration purists: yes, the Phillips screws bothered me a bit, and at some point I will switch them out for slotted screws). Like every other old house project, the whole thing mushroomed when I discovered that many of the old screws were just sitting in the wood frames....and that the old holes needed to be filled and redrilled.

3 hours later.....9 windows had 36 new wing nuts holding in the storm windows. We are now ready for winter.


The Litter Box House said...

Good job girl. Apparently you are no longer in the doldrums and avoiding house projects (per a post you dropped on another site - I can't remember which since I look at too many!). I love checking your site because I'm so impressed by the initiative you take - even if you don't finish the projects immediately! As for me, I'm so not handy I'm always asking for help. But I'm learning. My parents also live in Mpls (I lived with them in Mpls for 5 years), so I feel like I have a tiny connection to you.


StuccoHouse said...

Oh, still in the doldrums phase. I have a kitchen jelly cabinet that I was going to refinish this summer sitting in my entryway virtually untouched. And my upstairs window sashes sitting refinished, but out of the, in 18 degree weather. Can't motivate myself to do either one. just. can't. do. it.

Most of my work lately has been stuff that I absolutely positively HAD to get done before winter started. But bless your soul for thinking I have initiative :-)

I love to hear from people that have a connection to Mpls.!

The Litter Box House said...

My major unfinished project is the stairs. I only worked on them one day this year. They are so gross and I have to climb them every day, so I can't ignore them. The PO pulled up carpet, but left some nails, staples, carpet chunks, etc, then varnished over it! I keep saying cleaning it up is a perfect winter project, but I'd rather sit on my comfy new couch with a cup of tea than on those dirty cold hard stairs...

StuccoHouse said... latest thing is to sit on my cozy couch....cup of tea in hand....watching Dancing With The Stars :-) Every girl needs a break from house stiff now and again.....this is my new motto.

The Litter Box House said... current addiction is Six Feet Under (replaying on Bravo - never saw it the first time) and Nip/Tuck. That Nip/Tuck is so naughty!

StuccoHouse said...

Oh, if I had cable there would be no getting me off the couch. I'm scarily drawn to music videos, West Coast Choppers & Miami Ink. I have no explanation for it.

Poppy said...

oh ink! me too!! I have no idea why but I find myself watching that show all the time! what the heck??

StuccoHouse said...

Lol...the appeal of the bad boy? Who knows.

Oops, and that should be Orange County Choppers which is no where near the west coast. After seeing so many episodes, I should know that :-)

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