Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Big Dig

At 7:30 yesterday morning Grant from Grant Utilities, Inc. and 4 guys from his crew arrived at my house to install my new sewer line. By 5:30 pm, I had a totally new lateral line to the city's main sewer line and a new above ground clean out in my basement.

This company's bid was in the middle of the three I got. It was $2500 less than the top bid and $500 more than the bottom bid. I liked that they were all business, answered my questions, the answers matched what I had discovered through research, they gave me specific details of what to expect and the owner was on site for the work.

As I previously posted, the sink hole in between the sidewalk and the street was the great unknown because the camera had stopped at this point and couldn't go any further. So, they weren't sure what they would run into at this spot. When they got to this point, I had a decision to make: 1) they could sleeve the pvc to the city main line and leave it unsealed (my non-techie description). This would leave this small joint somewhat subject to roots. 2) They could dig in the street and go down and fully seal the joint. This option was $1200 more. I chose #option 2. I don't want to have to deal with roots ever again. Ever.

When all was said and done, my basement was left cleaner than when they arrived. The leaves that I had delayed raking in my front yard are now 8 feet under. No treasure was found buried in my front yard despite the high hopes I had. I was somewhat disappointed that some of the neighbors weren't around for the work - I wanted to jokingly tell them I was building out on the front of my house and watch them try to hide the horror on their faces (teehee).

My wallet is $4500 lighter, but the words "clogged sewer" will never cross my lips again - at least not in connection with my house. In the Spring, I will need to add top soil and reseed my grass.


Greg said...

Wow! That was a lot more digging than I thought they would do when I read your description of the process a few weeks back. That was a big, freakin' hole!

Man, I hope I never have to do that. Knowing me I'd try and dig it up myself and then give up after a week. Then I'd have to put my tail between my legs and call in a pro.

Mei said...

That's a really, really deep hole! Aren't you glad you got it done and over with?

StuccoHouse said...

Oh yea, the hole was a bit bigger than expected. They dug the first smaller hole at the spot where the camera showed that the old tiles dipped & there was standing water. They also had to dig at the sink hole by the street. Then they sent their camera towards the street. I guess they determined at that point it was best to pull up the old stuff and hand lay the new pvc. In spite of the dirt lawn, I'm more confident knowing that the pipes were put down by hand. After removing the interior cast iron pipe, they sleeved out about 5' to the hole. They also sleeved under the sidewalk...and then from the curb to the city main. In an odd way, all that dirt makes me feel like I got my money's worth :-)

My house is on a bit if a hill.....maybe 3 feet above the street. The city main line is something like 8' under at the street. So, the hole in my lawn was maybe 11'. It was deep.

Funny thing, my yard had already been dug up once because I have copper water pipes to the street. If you look closely at the big hole photo, you can see my water line on the right side. So, the old lead pipes were replaced (which I already knew).

StuccoHouse said...

Lol...and Greg I have NO doubt that if you tried digging a new sewer you would be done in a weekend. I've seen your driven painting progress.

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