Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Storm Door Hardware

I finally ordered the hardware for my salvaged storm door. I've had the door stripped, repaired and primed for a while, but I didn't realize how hard it would be to find hardware in oil rubbed bronze. Seems that everyone that's anyone these days is using laquered brass on their storm doors. To complicate things, a lot of the more original storm door hardware designs are geared towards Victorians, not bungalows.

I knew of two places in town that sell the old fashioned style wood storms doors and also carried the hardware.

I phoned the first place, Scherer Brothers lumberyard, and left a phone message - their message said they will call me back. They are on the other side of town and last time I visited their showroom I couldn't find anyone to help me. Plenty of sales people all busy with paperwork and their ipods. I wanted to make sure they carried oil rubbed bronze before driving over there. They never returned my call.

I stopped by the second place. It is a custom woodwork place that I suspected was on the high price end. They showed me the set they sell. It was very nice. Made by Ives. $120. Ives is nice, but not top of the line, so I suspected this was a pretty high.

So, I went online and found the same set for $68. Ordered it. Of course, its on back order, but is scheduled to arrive later this week. If the snow holds out and I can actually find a handyman that is not booked solid until next Spring, I may get this door in.


ben said...

our front screen door is also "in progress". At some point the previous owners replaced the original handle with a modern aluminum storm door handle! Do you have a link to the website you ordered from?

StuccoHouse said...

I ordered from www.kilianhardware.com. I've been wanting to order from them for a while - they have some awesome window restoration products too. And take a look at their restored phones (sigh).

The $68 included the knob mechanism, heavy duty hinges, and a heavy duty closer.

Hardware Hut had the same handle, but my epxerience with their customer service in the past has not been good.

Rejuvenation & Crown City also have something similar, but a bit more expensive.

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