Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Road Trip

I received a postcard from Mudd Lake advertising their Octoberfest Sale (print out coupon). It runs from Thursday Oct. 5th through Sat. Oct. 8th. On Saturday, they say they will have polka music and a pig roast.

I've mentioned this place on my blog once or twice before. It's a fun place that carries many unusual things for house and home. More of a destination trip than a visit to a store, really. It's located in an old barn in Watertown, MN. This time of year it is a fun drive to see the leaves changing. I usually play hooky from work for an afternoon and hit at least one of their sales.


Anonymous said...

Gee, wonder if my dear husband would believe me
if I said I had to go to Mn for a trip just to go to this
event. Well, I could tell him I was going to visit old
friends in Watertown and my family in Mound. LOL

Julie in NJ

StuccoHouse said...

Julie - Maybe you could tell him the Twins need all the playoff support they can get - oh yea, and there's this sale ;-)

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